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agi anda yang ingin belajar hacking, mungkin game ini bisa memberikan gambaran bagaimana proses hacking terjadi mulai dari pengecekan si korban online atau tidak sampai membuka area log-in dengan program telnet. Dan untuk kapasitasnya program ini terbilang sangat ringan karena hanya 976 KB. Jadi pertama yang harus anda lakukan ketika menggunkan program ini adalah klik ganda file aplikasi yang sudah anda download tadi kemudian akan muncul kotak dialog untuk memilih bahasa yang digunakan dan id anda. setelah itu enter dan akan muncul tampilan seperti ini

setelah itu klik tombol inbox 1 yang berada di pojok kiri atas, disitulah anda akan mendapat misi dari seseorang untuk mendapatkan sebuah file dari komputer yang anda hack dan keseluruhan misi ada 20 misi yang harus anda selesaikan dalam game ini.

ini adalah perintah yang di perlukan dalam game ini:

dir = Untuk melihat isi dari suatu directory.

cd = Untuk berpindah directory.

Ex: "cd windows" untuk masuk ke directory "windows".

cd.. = Untuk kembali ke directory sebelumnya (fungsinya sama kaya tombol "Up" pada explorer).

cd\ = Untuk langsung menuju Root directory.

del = Untuk menghapus file.

Ex: "del boot.ini" menghapus file "boot.ini".

disconnect = Untuk memutuskan sambungan ke sistem (offline).



Programming : chaozz

Graphics : Rampage, chaozz

Missions : chaozz, Rampage, Michello

Beta-testing : Rampage, Pro2Call, PSD, <scancode>, Michello

Homepage : https://www.chaozz.nl/hackthegame

Support : https://www.chaozz.nl/forum

Contact : hackthegame@chaozz.nl




HackTheGame is a hacking simulation game. In it you take on the role of a hacker that takes on various assignments. During these assignments you will be able to use a toolbox filled with (hacking) tools. Try to complete as much assignments as you can, without getting traced.




You recieve you assignments by email. Read them carefully, they for example contain the IP address of the machine you must hack. I'm not going to explain how you should go about the rest, because that would take the fun out of the game. But it's all quit self-explaining.

Just remember these things:

- After you succesfully connect to the target host using Telnet, the target system will start to backtrace you. Don't let them completely trace you because this will lead to your arrest. You can view the trace process in the left lower corner during Telnet sessions.

If you don't think you are going to complete the mission before the trace completes, quickly disconnect and reconnect to try it again.

- VERY IMPORTANT: always delete your logfile before you disconnect from a telnet session. The logfiles are not always on the same place, because every system is different. But it's usually in a folder called "Logs". Find your logfile ( and DESTROY (see Toolbox) it.

- If you get busted 3 times the game is over. The judge doesn't like a persistant hacker.


The toolbar


In the game you have various tools at your disposal. Some tools you will have to steal from remote systems first.

Button Function

------ --------

Inbox : This is your email inbox. This is where you recieve new assignments. Read these emails well, they contain lots of information you might need during a mission

Ping : After you've read the mail, you will need to confirm if your target is online. You do this by using the Ping button. Enter the target IP address and ping it. Your computer will try to to contact the remote computer, and will tell you if it's online

Portscan : With portscan you can scan a verified IP address for open exploitable ports. Press the Portscan button and enter the target IP address, along with the scanning range. The range must be between 2000 and 4000 (usually it's best to enter these values)

Telnet : When you know the target IP address AND an exploitable open port, you can use Telnet to connect to the target system

Password : With this you can hack the password of a remote host by using brute force. When you connect to telnet but don't know the password, use this tool

Virus : This uploads and installs a virus on the remote host. You need to be in a telnet session to use this function. After it uploads it completely just close the Virus window, the console will automaticly install the uploaded virus

Get File : When in a telnet session, you can browse the target system by using dos commands like DIR and CD (see "Console Commands"). When you find a file you want to copy, click Get File. Input the filename, and if the file is found in the current folder, it will start to download it.

The file is downloaded to your own (virtual) harddisk. All downloads are placed in the folder called Downloads

Kill File: To destroy a file simply click Kill File. Input the filename and it will destroy the file, if it's found in the current folder

Console commands


PING <ip address> For example: ping

A ping sends packages to a remote host. If it's online, it will respond. This way you can find out if your target is online

TELNET <ip address> <port> For example: telnet 21

This let's you connect to a remote host on an open port. After you bypass the login system, you can browse the target system

DIR (or LS)

This lists all the files of the remote computer. An example of the output is:



Windows <DIR>

Logs <DIR>

Where "Command.com" and "Io.sys" are files, and "Windows" and "Logs" are folders

CD <foldername> For example: cd Windows

This changes the folder you are viewing. After giving this command you can use the DIR command to see what files are in the folder

To go back to the document root use on of these commands:

CD ..

CD \



MD <foldername> (or MKDIR) For example: mk myfiles

This creates a new folder in the root of the file structure. You cannot make a folder inside of another folder (yet)

DEL <filename> (or RM) For example: del command.com

This let's you delete a file in the current folder. This can not be undone.


This shows amongst other things your own IP address


This clears the screen


Saves the current state of the game. Including the changes you made in your local filesystem. The save-file is labeled with your handle/loginname. So if you played the game as "hax0r", you need to login the next time with the same name, to use the LOAD command to restore your own game


Loads the last SAVED game found with your handle/loginname


Shows this text


Exits the game


Installing tools from the commandline


After you download a tool with the download command from a remote computer and go offline, you can install the tool on your own local system. Just navigate to the downloads folder and enter the name of the tool.


cd ..

cd downloads


*press enter after each command

There are some undocumented commands as well. Mail me if you want them, or visit the HackTheGame homepage @ https://www.chaozz.nl/hackthegame (the're in the FAQ).


Credits and thanks


HackTheGame wouldn't be where it is today without the following people:

Rampage : Graphics and HTG mission 4

Michello : HTG mission 11

Scancode : Spanish translation

Black Sign and his girlfriend : German translation

Hikaru Shani : Indonesian translation




This game is a simulation game. I didn't make this game to promote hacking, just as Nintendo didn't make Super Mario to promote you to jump on peoples heads. Seriously, this game is made for fun. It's probably not even close to the read thing, because frankly, I wouldn't know, HackTheGame is freeware. You can copy, reinstall and spread it as much as you like, as long as you don't alter any of the original files, and as long as the package is distributed with all the original files.

(c)2005 chaozz@work -- the Netherlands www.chaozz.nl | www.chaozz.nl/hackthegame

Download: https://www.ziddu.com/download/10759659/HackGameTheGame.rar.html

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